Next to "how do I get into the VO business," this is the most often asked question from people just getting started in  voiceover.  The answer of course is "whichever one you can afford and makes you sound good."  There are a wide variety of mics out there that can do a good job of recording your voice.  Some better than othe...

Down time. 

Once the holiday season kicks in, the work goes one of two ways: either every production house scrambles to find voices for their projects for holiday-themed commercials - which most of have already been produced over the last couple of months, or the work load drops away to nothing as people start taking time of...

In one of the many voiceover groups I follow, someone asked for some tips for auditioning in the client's studio, versus doing an audition in the comfort of our personal studios. The advice given was to "try to get past the nerves and just have fun."

Easier said than done. 

There are plenty of reasons why you may be...

There are quite a few things about this industry that even after decades of work, never ceases to amaze me or make me chuckle. 

Not long ago, I had an online chat with a potential client. They were a post-production company and wanted a voice for two to three minutes of finished animation. They stated there would probably be o...

The other day I woke up with a dry, swollen throat. I figured it might have been an allergy-related issue and went about my day. I drank lots of water, took my multivitamins, and tried not to consider that this might be the start of a cold.  

Today I am forced to admit: yup: this is a cold. The throat is now truly thrashed. Si...

In the days before computers reduced social networking to 280 character, color-filtered, SEO-driven positioning statements, the wheels of business were greased by actual human interaction. How successful you were at acquiring and keeping clients was directly related to how well you could carry on a conversation in a social en...

Now that Summer is over and Mother Nature has started to wrap her icy fingers around the majority of the country, it's time to think about good ways to warm up the vocal cords before recording.

There are as many ways to warm up the voice as there are voice artists. From tongue twisters, to singing scales, to doing that motorbo...

It’s a simple premise, and yet some people who're getting into the voiceover business just don’t get it.

Don’t just strive to be good, be better than anyone else; be phenomenal:

  • In every aspect of your business.

  • With every social media posting.

  • With every readthrough of the script.

  • With every audition.

  • E...

The other day, someone sent me an audition they had sent to a potential client and they asked for my review of it. I listened and could tell instantly they were inexperienced. And by “inexperienced,” I mean no voiceover training at all: poor mic technique, a crappy mic, hollow sound, and an overall lackluster performance....


Noun - (informal):

a person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity, especially computing or the use of the Internet.

OK, so you're a new voiceover artist. And you’ve spent good money on a training program from some guy who calls himself an expert who that told you that marketing is one of the most importa...

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