• Rob Marley

Four Ways to Continue Your Voiceover Education For Free

You never stop learning. Just because you’ve used a coach to help you build your skills and perhaps have auditioned and worked jobs to build your experience, there will always be a need to keep studying and learning the art of voiceover. Trends change, new techniques develop, methods are modified. Like chess or golf, this is a life-long pursuit. HOWEVER: let me stress here that these suggestions are not an alternative to voiceover training with a coach. This should be seen as IN ADDITION TO coaching. If you want to make it in this business, you need one-on-one time with a reputable person who can tell you what you're doing right and wrong.

With that said, here are four suggestions to keep learning about VO that won't cost you anything:

Voiceover Body Shop

During the 90 minute weekly webcast., Voice Artist and personal studio expert Dan Lenard and Audio Engineer George Whittam discuss the latest news in the VO industry, answer viewer questions and offer tips and suggestions to improve your voice and technical skills. They also bring in a weekly guest to talk shop with and some big names in the industry have appeared in the past. George and Dan's no-nonsense webcasts are filled with expert advice you can use to improve your VO business. It’s not always the most polished of webcasts (which is what makes it fun!), but the information is invaluable if you take this business seriously.

VO Buzz Weekly

Producer Chuck Duran and Voice Artist Stacey J Aswad host a weekly webcast with a prominent member of the VO industry. From casting agents, to producers and top name voice talent, the interviews always dig deep into the art of the business and give viewers a look behind the facade that delves into the real guts of how how to be successful in voiceover.

The VO Meter Podcast

VO artists Sean Daeley and Paul Stefano are two regular guys who recently got started in the voiceover business. They talk about gear, training, and the ups and downs of making a go in this industry. Originally it was a podcast from two guys who didn't really know much about VO, but over the years their skills have improved and the podcast continues to grow. This one is definitely worth listening to.

Voice Over Sermon with Terry Daniel

Terry runs a 7-10 minute podcast he does on He goes live, offering insight on how to improve your VO career and make your business thrive. Terry's a great guy and knows a lot about the business. Listening to his podcast doesn't cost you anything, and his advice is invaluable.

So there you have it: four ways you can continue to study the art and science of voiceover that wont cost a dime.


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