• Rob Marley

How to Waste Money With Bad Marketing

I tend to get “followed” by a lot of marketing people on Twitter. That's fine, because I like learning as much as I can about marketing and the tips that are sometimes offered can be helpful. The other day, someone followed me and sent me a message advertising 1,000 twitter re-tweets for $10.

Now, I already know that this kind of marketing produces the worst results. Just because a message is re-tweeted by a bunch of people who could care less about the subject (or more likely are just fake accounts) doesn't mean you’re going to get any page views. But I figured this would be an interesting experiment, and since it was only $10, I gave it a try.

I Paypal’d the money and tweeted the message I wanted to have re-tweeted. The next day, I check the analytics and saw how successful my effort was.

Short answer: it wasn't.

True to their word, the tweet was re-tweeted. However, the re-tweets started coming in around 10pm, which is probably the worst possible time to send a tweet and expect results. (statistically, tweets posted around 2:30pm, Monday through Thursday provide higher click-through rates). This particular service just posted whenever they felt like it and walked away $10 richer for it.

Here's what Twitter had to say about my tweet:

Pathetic numbers dont lie.

According to Google analytics, out of those 13 clicks, the average time spent on the page was 12 seconds. TWELVE SECONDS. Would you spend ten bucks for thirteen, 12 second page views? Sadly, a lot of people do, thinking that this is a good way to reach more potential clients.

The whole idea behind a re-tweet is that your content is compelling enough that people want to share it with others, which will increase your exposure and hopefully translate into page views, which will then hopefully convert into a client.

The numbers dont lie: buying re-tweets is money just thrown away.

Avoid the "experts" and do your own marketing. It may take more effort, but your results will be MUCH better. Key Takeaway: No one is going to care more about your post than you do. If you care about what you say, you should also care about how it gets said.


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