• Rob Marley

You Love It and You Know It

The voiceover business can be a challenging place to make a living. There's the initial investment in equipment, setting up your recording space, getting coaching, practicing, more coaching, more practicing, the cost of demo production. The cost of continuing education. And auditioning and auditioning and auditioning...

And if you're skilled enough (or perhaps you remind someone of their uncle) maybe you land the job.

Of course, more often than not, you don't.

But you don't stop. You keep practicing, improving and auditioning. You're one of those people that turns the radio UP when a commercial comes on. You read out loud anything that falls in front of your eyes. You do tongue twisters just for fun.

Face it: you're a freak.

We all know that there are far easier ways to make money than doing voiceover. But you do this because you love it.

Let me say that again: YOU DO THIS BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT.

You do this because you can't possibly think of anything better than helping a business mold their idea into a tangible product. Because you walk into your studio confident that you can nail that audition, ace that narration, become that character and be the rockstar voice that everyone recognizes, yet no one knows your face. You're the unsung hero. There is nothing that gives you more excitement than being in this crazy business we're in. And that excitement you have shines through the microphone like a light through a lens. That passion makes what you do that much more important to you. Sure, you may only be talking about the discount on toilet paper on isle five, but to you, it's the freakin' Declaration of Independence. You know you have to give 100% of your heart and soul to this. You know that this business is cruel and unforgiving; It's merciless and doesn't care one way or the other about you. You know that success comes no other way. You know that if you can't, or don't want to do that, then this line of work isn't for you. But you shrug off all that nonsense, take a deep breath and hit record one more time, because you can't think of anything you'd rather do more.


About Rob Marley -

A Los Angeles native, Rob is an accomplished voice talent, producer and writer, now living in the Hill Country of Austin Texas.