• Rob Marley

Tools to Tweak Your Twitter - Part Two

A few weeks ago, I posted an article about Tweebro - A fun little tool to help keep track of your twitter

And then it disappeared.

The @tweebrocom account is gone, their website redirects to the German version of and nowhere on the interwebs is there any mention of how or why this app just suddenly vanished.

And honestly, I’m a little annoyed by this.

People invest a certain level of trust in their choice of software. Sometimes learning the software may be a serious time commitment. Whether it’s because a product has a lot of features and multiple ways of doing things, or because of the developer’s bull-headed conviction to forgo ease of use and instead force people to bend to their will in a Machiavellian-like show of imperiousness under the guise of being “the industry standard” and that’s just the way it is and you should be kissing their feet that it graces your computer at all. I’m looking at you, Avid.

(sorry, I touched a nerve there.)

And sometimes a piece of software is used because it just works; It's simple, easy to understand and it just works.

This was the case for Tweebro: Simple. Uncomplicated. Useful. And now gone. Which is why I’m annoyed.

Thankfully, to fill the void that Tweebro left with its impromptu departure, there are several alternatives.

The best list of tools I’ve been able to find is this post by Buffer showing off “91 Free Twitter Tools for Marketers.” The blog post has everything grouped by category (analytics, hashtags, images, scheduling, etc) so you can click the category you’re interested in and find a list of tools out there to meet your needs.

From this list I’ve been investigating a variety tools, but so far haven't settled on any one product yet. Most tools from the list are “free” for the basic features, but if you want all the bells and whistles, most want to charge $20 per month. This may be useful if you are a twitter power user, or the social media guru for a large corporation, but for the average voiceover pro, a lot of these products are a bit overkill.

Take the time to find the program that will work best for you. There are a variety of choices that can help you to manage your twitter more efficiently. And if you happen to like one over another, drop me a note and tell me about it.

Just so long as it sticks around for more than a few weeks.


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