• Rob Marley

Be Phenomenal

It’s a simple premise, and yet some people who're getting into the voiceover business just don’t get it.

Don’t just strive to be good, be better than anyone else; be phenomenal:

  • In every aspect of your business.

  • With every social media posting.

  • With every readthrough of the script.

  • With every audition.

  • Every interaction with a client.

  • Every interaction with your peers.

  • Every detail.

From the cold call to the thank you note, do as much as you possibly can to make the client feel that they are getting an incredible value for the amount of service you provide. You want them so happy with you that they can't possibly think of anyone else they would rather do business with.

It takes far less effort to keep a client than it does to to get a new one. Your job is to impress the Hell out of them. The better you are at doing this, the more you remain in their minds. If not, then you run the risk of being overlooked for the next job that they may need a voice artist for.

There are hundreds of thousands of voice artists that all want to be successful.

How are you going to stand out from the crowd?

Be Phenomenal, or be forgotten.


About Rob Marley - A Los Angeles native, Rob is an accomplished voice talent, producer and writer, now living in the Hill Country of Austin Texas.