• Rob Marley

Your Support Network

Every day I'm reminded of just how fantastic the voiceover industry is.

The other day I saw a message from a VO pro that he would be happy to answer any questions any voice artist had about anything: Just ask him and he would reply to you directly. I took him up on this, getting some advice about marketing strategies and he gave me some solid tips that I am now using to strengthen my business. He also previously helped me out with landing pages on my website.

One of my fellow artists will never miss an opportunity to re-tweet things I say and reply back with her own inspiring words. She's like my own personal cheerleader and she never fails to help motivate me. Which I, in turn do my best to encourage and support her. I now consciously seek her tweets out on Twitter just so I can retweet them.

I had a 15 minute phone chat with a top consultant on what I could do to improve my business branding - absolutely free. I will be using them in the future to make a few changes and increase my image online.

I know that any time I have a question, I can always ask my coach and he will be more than happy to help me with something.

There are tons of forums, groups, and communities out there that are filled with some of the top names in the business and they all chat and answer questions and help anyone who asks.

This past year at VOAtlanta conference, they were having a raffle on the last day. It was a typical drawing for items donated from the various vendors. But then something amazing happened: A voiceover pro stood up and volunteered their coaching services as part of the raffle. And then another pro stood up and did the same thing. Then more pros started trying to one-up eachother and began donating even more services. Suddenly this typical raffle became a spontaneous free-for-all of genuine love and giving that I had honestly never seen before at a professional event.

You have to understand that this kind of free support is totally unheard of in the rest of the entertainment business, where it’s nothing but cutthroat, closely guarded self-interest.

I consider these people that I can call on with questions and advice as part of my support network. Individuals that I know will be honest about my work, but never fail to boost me up when I need it. These are the people in my corner; the ones that are actively helping me to succeed. As you develop your voiceover business, you begin to relize just how important a support network is to your success. Without them, you'll feel alone, unmotivated and doomed to fail. But with a team of individuals in your corner, the chances of success improve greatly.

Remember: you have much more to gain by considering your peers as your friends than you do by thinking that everyone is your enemy. And the more you help someone, the more they may end up helping you in return.

Who is in your support network? What have you done for them lately?

Have you thanked them?

You should. Right now.

Use the hashtag #VOGrateful and mention anyone you feel has been a huge help to your success as a voice talent!


About Rob Marley - A Los Angeles native, Rob is an accomplished voice talent, producer and writer, now living in the Hill Country of Austin Texas.