• Rob Marley

So you want to do VO? Start here.

From radio and TV commercials, to podcasts, web videos, corporate presentations, eLearning, audiobooks, video games, animated films and TV shows, movie trailers smartphone apps, voicemail and even vending machines. The demand for voices to fill those jobs continues to grow.

With that thought in mind, this eBook is for the person that is brand new to this whole weird business and wants to know more.

First lesson: It's a lot more than just talking into a microphone.

In fact, your voice plays very little into it at all.

This book dispels the rumors, and sets you on the right path towards a successful career as a global voice over artist. Things you'll learn:

  • Which microphone is the right one for voiceover.

  • How to build a personal recording studio.

  • Where to get training.

  • The key points to a professional demo.

  • Where to find jobs.

  • Where to find BETTER jobs.

I even divulge the very real SECRET TO SUCCESS in this business.

And did I mention The book is COMPLETELY FREE?

Seriously: No strings attached.

If you've been thinking about getting into the voiceover business, THIS SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST BOOK.

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