• Rob Marley

Care Less

In one of the many voiceover groups I follow, someone asked for some tips for auditioning in the client's studio, versus doing an audition in the comfort of our personal studios. The advice given was to "try to get past the nerves and just have fun."

Easier said than done.

There are plenty of reasons why you may be nervous: Maybe it’s your first national spot and you’d really like to have this client on your resume. Maybe it’s the end of the month and you know that this job would mean that the bills get paid. Maybe it’s your first time in a booth and you have a room full of people looking at you through the glass. If you’re nervous, this will come through in your delivery. That nervousness will make your read sound about as far from natural as possible.

The trick to this is to not care so much about the job. This doesn't mean give up, but rather try to decrease the stress by maintaining a level of “professional detachment” from the audition; de-emphasizing its importance so you can focus on your performance. Dont focus on the negatives. Just treat it like any other gig. Get in, do your job and get out again. "send it and forget it" is a good thing to keep in mind.

There’s a Buddhist saying that’s been my mantra for most of my life and is a good one to remember when you feel those butterflies start to churn:


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