• Rob Marley

Recharging the Batteries

If you want to get ahead in voiceover (or any business, really) you need to be passionate and dedicated to working your business on a consistent and regular basis. The pros I know that are making it big right now are working their faces and fingers off. They're doing paying gigs, marketing themselves to new businesses and old clients, and submitting auditions to their multiple agents as soon as the emails hit the in-box. And they're doing this all day, every day.

There's no way around it: The key to success in VO is putting in the work.

The problem is that you can't keep that kind of pace up for too long before you burn yourself out. Eventually working that hard day in and day out will cause you to start resenting doing these things. When that happens, you need to recognize that its time to hit the pause button and do some planned maintenance for mind, body and business.

With that thought in mind, I stepped away from the microphone the other day to attend a party in honor of the group of volunteers I’m a part of. I got to splash around in a pool and catch up with old friends. I discussed emergency procedures with caregivers and rescue personnel. I ate some amazing food cooked by a chef friend of mine and talked cooking techniques for far too long. I chatted up (and was chatted up by) some very attractive people wearing very little clothing. And I also mentioned to a few folks that I'm a voiceover artist, and those discussions might lead to future work. Ya never know.

And now here I sit: moderately tired, somewhat sore and overwhelmingly happy with the opportunity to embrace life with people I love and admire. I’m now ready to go back into my quiet little soundproofed box and continue the process of marketing, training, coaching, learning, practicing and improving my skills as a voice artist: Renewed and recharged.

It's important to be focused on your career, but equally important to stop and smell the roses along the way. You need to find time to recharge the batteries so you can keep moving forward with enthusiasm towards your goals.

Doing so helps you to appreciate the small things, quit obsessing about the petty things and pay attention to the big things.


About Rob Marley - A Los Angeles native, Rob is an accomplished voice talent, coach, producer and writer, living in the Hill Country of Austin Texas. Find out more here.