• Rob Marley

Half-Assing It Doesnt Work

The other day, someone sent me an audition they had sent to a potential client and they asked for my review of it. I listened and could tell instantly they were inexperienced. And by “inexperienced,” I mean no voiceover training at all: poor mic technique, a crappy mic, hollow sound, and an overall lackluster performance. In their description of the audition, they said:

“I didn't give it everything because I didn't think they'd actually hire me, so it's not super-polished!”


This floored me.

OK, let’s work backwards:

You are a professional voiceover artist. (or at least you want to be.)

Your ultimate goal may be to make money. Fine.

To make that happen, you need to be able to deliver the words above and beyond the clients satisfaction.

To do that, you need to get hired.

To do that, you need to be heard.

And to do THAT means submitting an audition.

To find the right voice for a particular project, the client - maybe a Youtube content creator, or a production manager of a local commercial, or a casting director of a major network series - might have to listen to several hundred voiceover auditions before they find the one that fits their project. Think about that: listening to hundreds of people...all say the same line...the same way...over... and over... and over...

The audition is your chance - perhaps your ONLY chance - to “wow” the client: To stand up and stand out from the noise of all the other voices. For one brief, all-too-fleeting moment, you have the client’s undivided attention.

why the **** would you not give it absolutely everything you’ve got!!?

Every audition is an opportunity to shine.

Every audition is a chance to win over a client.

Every audition teaches you more about your own voice, what you can do with it and how important it is to treat it nicely.

If you want to be a successful voiceover artist, you need to have this thought planted firmly in your head from the very beginning. You have GOT to have the skills, the talent and the perseverance to succeed in this business.

You have got to give it everything you've got,

or you...

will go...



About Rob Marley - A Los Angeles native, Rob is an accomplished voice talent, coach, producer and writer, now living in the Hill Country of Austin, Texas. Find out more here.