• Rob Marley

Nothing To It, But to Do It.

“I’ll get started with this as soon as everything is ready to go.”

How many of us have said this?

How many times have you said this? News Flash:

there is NEVER going to be a time when everything is absolutely 100% ready.

Are you afraid of failing?

The main reason why people procrastinate is not laziness. It’s fear. Using the “ soon as everything is ready” line becomes an excuse to not start at all because of the fear of failing.

"What if they hang up on me?

What if they don't give me the job?

What if they say no?"

What if...what if...what if... What if you land a new client? What if you win the audition? What if they say yes?

It comes down to this:

Working outside of your comfort zone leaves you open to the possibility of failing.

Doing nothing, assures it.

Here's a secret: To be successful in voiceover, people will tell you that you need to You don't need to know and map out EVERY step of the process, just the NEXT step. That's all that's necessary to move forward - One step at a time.

So what’s stopping you from moving your career...your voice over business... your passion...forward?

There will never be a better time to start something...than right at this very moment. Acknowledge your fears, then suck it up and jump in anyway.


About Rob Marley -

A Los Angeles native, Rob is an accomplished voice talent, coach, producer and writer, now living in the Hill Country of Austin Texas.

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